What is a Silent Disco

For those unfamiliar to the concept, it is an original and revolutionary approach for entertainment at events and parties. Using our H.A.L.O wireless headphones, participants can flick between multiple channels of music - add our professional DJ's and party-goers can be guaranteed a night filled with their favourite songs.

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Why choose us?

We continue to strive in maintaining the highest possible standards of customer service. We are the only silent disco company that offers an interactive screen service throughout any event, showing music videos, photos, branding, text requests and more. Not to mention our friendly and professional technicians, DJ’s and hand-out staff are available for all events, allowing you to relax and enjoy the party.


We have been a part of some of the biggest and most recognised events, helping us to continually build on years of incomparable experience. We have played a significant role in hosting the night-time entertainment for the ever-growing Reading and Leeds festivals, Sonisphere and Download Festival in the UK. We even operate on an international level, including Rivers Edge Festival in the USA and the vibrant Mojotic Festival in Italy.

Student Unions

Some of the beauty of what we do at SilentArena is that we're not just limited to the big festival experiences. Every year we hold events at student unions all over the country. Perfect for Fresher's, Graduate Balls, and any other student based events, we can keep song after song coming all night long.