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We are experts at providing wireless headphone systems for events around the world. We can help with your festival, private party, conference or another event.

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Silent disco

Silent Disco

Festivals - We have been a part of some of the biggest and most recognised events, helping us to continually build on years of incomparable experience. We have played a significant role in hosting the night-time entertainment for the ever-growing Reading and Leeds festivals, Sonisphere and Download Festival in the UK. We even operate on an international level, including Rivers Edge Festival in the USA and the vibrant Mojotic Festival in Italy.

Student Unions - Some of the beauty of what we do at SilentArena is that we're not just limited to the big festival experiences. Every year we hold events at student unions all over the country. Perfect for Fresher's, Graduate Balls, and any other student based events, we can keep song after song coming all night long.

Smaller Private Parties - Just like with Student Unions, we are able to bring our services to fit any venue that you desire. Even if your idea for an event is unconventional and requires some thought, we would be happy to discuss it with you and help make your event a rousing success for your friends and family. Whatever the occasion, SilentArena can be the right choice for you.

Silent conference

Audio quality and speech intelligibility are important for any corporate event. With SilentArena, you can now make sure that these two necessities are guaranteed with every presentation, leading to a more engaged and interactive audience. We are the leading authority on this radically alternative approach. Our extensive experience includes delivering events such as showcases and exhibitions, break-out rooms/areas, tours and historic events, all with a multi-channel system of up to four channels.

Look here to see more about how a silent conference works.

Silent conferencesSilent gigs


Musical artists are always looking for a new way to deliver their unique sound to listeners in order to be distinguished from the rest. With SilentArena, take it one step further and entertain your audience with a Silent Concert. By plugging your instruments into our transmission system, your audience can enjoy a live performance on a whole new level. Along with the intense visual excitement, your music can be captured perfectly with a complete lack of additional interference that is so common during a live show, allowing your music to be enjoyed in its full potential.

Click here to see more details about silent gigs

Private party

With our dry hire service, you can host a silent disco event of your very own. Be in control of your own music and tailor make your party just for you. As the use of our headphones could help eliminate late night noise restrictions, you will be able to keep the music going long after hours, making it perfect for weddings, birthday parties, holiday events and more!

Easy to set up, and delivered by courier, this can be the perfect way for you to tailor make your own small event, giving something for those closest to you to always remember.

To find out more, visit our dedicated Silent Disco Kit webpage by clicking the logo opposite.

Private partyCinema and theatre

Cinema & Theatre

With SilentArena headphones, theatre and cinema experiences can now be further enhanced. No more listening to rustling popcorn or crackling sweet wrappers. Suitably adaptable for any venue, our system can be deployed easily, allowing for an extended range of amplified sound and an overall rise in the quality of sound.

We've worked on theatre productions to deliver the sound through our system, such as Feral Productions, and Jered Sorkin Music - as well as cinema events including Primavera film festival in Spain, Lexi Cinema Presents The Nomad and a host of other outdoor and rooftop cinema nights.

Comedy shows

Everybody says that when it comes to comedy, timing is everything. With SilentArena, make sure yours is perfect through using our headphones. Allowing for optimum listening capacity even in abstract venues, you can even double the humour by having two comedians performing alongside one another, competing for the laughter of the crowds.

Comedy showsHoliday destinations

Holiday destinations

Make SilentArena part of the holiday experience for all those needing a bit of fun on their break. Suitable for all ages, our wireless headphones have been used to bring months of entertainment working alongside travel companies like Norwegian Cruise Lines and Thomas Cook, all as part of their stellar holiday services.