Reading and Leeds 2013

We returned to our second home of Reading and Leeds Festival once again this summer

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Reading and Leeds 2013

We returned to our second home of Reading and Leeds Festival once again this summer to supply the roaring crowds with our awesomely popular post-headliner silent disco's, referred to by reviewers as 'silent arenas' being the 'bedrock of [Reading & Leeds] Festival’s after dark nightlife.' With performances from some of the biggest musical acts in the world and with the reputation as the wildest festival in Europe, we couldn't wait for the weekend to begin.

Our Leeds team headed up on the Thursday night to give a head-start to the festivities, hosting a silent disco at the SilentArena tent on the opening night for the very first time. With a stock of 5000 headphones for this tent alone, the crowds came swarming for what is common knowledge to be a great night of fun. Sadly, the weather had other plans.

Torrential rain and sudden floods put a very literal damper on events, at least during the first night. But the reason why festival-goers will always remember Leeds 2013 is that everybody rallied around each other and carried on partying through the entire weekend, battling against the elements. Still the masses showed up to watch mind-blowing performances from System of a Down, Biffy Clyro, Eminem, and many more and still had more than enough energy to show up at the SilentArena tent to sing and dance until morning. As experienced festival workers, it was touching to see a great demonstration of spirit from everyone and we were proud to be a part of it.

Our Reading team left on the Friday, ready to undertake the monolithic project of dividing 10,000 headphones among three marquees set at various points around the festival. We returned to Red Tent, with 3,000 headphones and guest DJ's such as Radio 1's Huw Stephens and Jen Long. With the guest DJ's on one channel and ours on the other, it provided the perfect balance of musical tastes which the crowd seemed to love.

Over in Orange Tent, we brought another 4,000 headphones with two of our very own home-grown DJ's. The crowds were wonderfully relentless, with the queues to get in getting bigger and bigger every night. Between people dressing up in all manner of costumes (and I do really mean all manner) and those who had just cut loose on this wild weekend, all were joined and clamouring to get in and fill the entire space with a night-long battle of singing and dancing against one another.

Our third Reading tent was a new addition that promised to bring something different to those expecting a silent disco, and was aptly named the Alternative tent. Instead of a regular silent disco where DJ's control the music, it was thought to bring another live performance from certain artists such as the Bristolian duo F*ck Buttons. Instead of being wired in to a traditional PA system, they plugged their instruments in to our transmission system and gave a late-night performance for those who wanted one last live show before they called it a night. After this, people could enjoy a regular silent disco hosted by special guest DJ’s such as the rising stars of HAIM, not to mention familiar faces from Radio 1 and Propaganda club nights.

Overall a great weekend was had by all - from the fun festival-goers to our superb staff – everyone enjoyed the performances of huge headliners and many other bands and artists. We were glad that we could be a part of it, holding enjoyable events on a massive scale for the people who make Reading and Leeds festival one of the best on a global scale. We hope to see you all again next year!