Nike Fitness Class

physically demanding activity. The almost all-woman class showed up as part of Nike’s Supercharge Week

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Nike Fitness Class

Being more used to people dancing all night to great music at festivals, club nights and parties; this was a brand new way to see our headphones being used for a physically demanding activity. The almost all-woman class showed up as part of Nike's Supercharge Week. Arming them all with glow sticks, UV rave clothes and our headphones, the class warmed up and prepared themselves for an intense workout.

Set up on two sides of the stage, two DJ's prepared to play hard-hitting and exciting music – the one playing a constant stream of great '80's tracks and the other being DJ Neeve from Kiss FM playing her usual set of popular energetic tunes – allowing the class to choose their own pace to work out. When the two Nike master trainers took to the stage, all miked up to be heard with the music, the class was ready to begin.

As part of the Nike experience of the class, two huge projections showing the Nike Fuel Band app tracked the fuel burnt by the instructors. As everybody else was also wearing fuel bands that were given out at the start, the class would periodically check their fuel bands in order to check how hard they were working. In order to motivate the class even further, coloured lighting filled the room with alternating colours, depending on how close they were to their goal – which was to burn 1000 Nike Fuel. So the class would be basked in a red glow at the beginning of the session, orange when they were part way through, and green as they drew ever closer to the end, which some people were praying for by that point.

After a gargantuan effort of squats, lunges, high knees, press ups, burpees, froggers and jumping jacks, the class finally came to a stop to tumultuous applause and high fives by the beaming class. With a post-workout meal – such as Halloumi salad and carrot juice – everyone lounged on beanbags in the afterglow of hard work paying off while having a fun time doing it. We were glad to be part of an event that had been put on by a prestigious company such as Nike, especially when we love to see people having a great time and moving wildly to music with our headphones. Next time, we might even be fit enough to take part ourselves!