Newcastle University 2013

First-time Newcastle University students were given a great end to their Freshers Week

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Newcastle University 2013

First-time University students were given a great end to their Freshers Week – at least, those who were still standing were given a great end – with an outdoor performance by talented Bristolian artist, Example. Thousands of students showed up for the event, excited and eager to party despite the long week of festivities. Being held outside the Student’s Union, it promised to be an unforgettable start to the academic year, with our own hosted silent disco to bring the night to a close after the performance.

Unfortunately Newcastle City Council revoked their permission to hold Example’s show outside, with problems stemming from certain late-night restrictions. To make matters worse, this revocation came only 15 minutes before the show was meant to start, and so hasty changes had to be made to transfer the performance to inside the venue instead. Luckily we were available on hand to set up and start our event early, which helped salvage the evening, allowing students who weren’t able to make it inside the venue to have an additional form of entertainment.

In spite of the rocky start, students were able to have a brilliant time dancing outside with our headphones on - displaying one of the great benefits of our services - where noise restrictions don’t apply. With the huge crowds of students listening to us or Example, or both, we helped manage to create a memorable night for people just starting their university lives.