In the Woods Festival 2013

In the Woods festival goers tend to enjoy the mellow atmosphere and exciting alternative bands and artists

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In the Woods Festival 2013

As one of the most popular up and coming UK festivals, In the Woods festival goers tend to enjoy the mellow atmosphere and exciting alternative bands and artists that are starting out within the music industry. With the main stage set among the tranquil setting of the trees, this small event gives out only 700 tickets which helps maintain its exclusivity. With such small details like strings of coloured lights, art projects, mask making and collaborative freestyle writing, this sets itself apart as a weekend filled with a quirky nature.

We became a part of it by providing technicians and equipment for a silent cinema tent, a poetry and acoustic music section, and a silent disco to bring the evening to a close. This proved to be successful on all fronts. The silent cinema displayed documentaries and movies that caught an interest with attendants while providing a tent laden with cushions that would allow a restful alternative for people during the festival. The poetry and acoustic section turned out to be wildly popular, even being so close to the main stage. Amateur poets in the audience were able to submit themselves for an opportunity to read their own work to an audience listening through our headphones. As the day went on, professional poetry groups, reliving their own experience of living in the 90's presented their own work to a captivated audience. When evening descended and the strings of coloured lights shone against the dark backdrop of the woods, acoustic artists took to the small stage that drew a huge audience, despite performing at the same time as the surprise headline acts on the main stage. This proved to be so prevalent that even the organisers of the festival came in attendance.

After the festivals customary giant bonfire to mark the end of the weekend's events, people put on our headphones for one last chance to sing and dance to their favourite songs. This young festival has been one of the most unique events we've ever attended, so we hope we can become a part of it again when it makes its 7th appearance.