Festival Silent Disco's

A silent disco can add flexibility to both the use of space and the potential run times of entertainment while at the same time providing an experience that festival goers enjoy and will talk about for years.

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Why us?

We have been a part of some of the biggest events including Reading and Leeds, Sonisphere and Download in the UK. We even operate on an international level, including Rivers Edge in the USA and the vibrant Mojotic in Italy.


At a SilentArena event all of the participants are wearing our wireless headphones, so any passers-by will not be able to hear the audio at all. This can allow for events to be staged later than they normally would extending the running hours of a festival for those customers who want to keep the party going. In fact a Silent Disco is so quiet that its quite common for it to be positioned in the camp site itself at many Festivals.

Event Spaces

Many festivals in urban areas have amazing spaces at their disposal that cannot be utilised due to the potential problem created by a traditional sound system. This problem may be disturbing local residences and businesses or even in some cases local wildlife. With a SilentArena™ you can drastically reduce the noise produced by the arena as all the participants are wearing our wireless headphones and no speaker system is used. This has allowed many of our clients to utilise fantastic event spaces previously unusable because an event would disturb the neighbours.

Please Contact Us if you would like any more information on SilentArena at your festival.