Our Environment

Taking steps to lessen our impact on the environment has always been a considerable priority at SilentArena, and have therefore continually strived to do the best we can.

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All waste is recycled, only necessary documents are printed, and our computers are energy efficient with even our own websites being hosted on CO2 natural servers.

Our battery usage is one of our most substantial waste outputs and so we use high efficiency cells and consequently recycle our used batteries, ensuring that all useful materials can be used again. At the same time, we can make sure that the harmful metals and chemicals are disposed of properly and in a safe manner.

In the past, we have even worked closely with coolearth.org to make a positive difference towards our environmental efforts and not just simply minimising our impact. For every Silent Disco that was performed we purchased half an acre of rainforest which we then gave to local communities to look after and live on sustainably. Every half acre is roughly the size of 8 tennis courts, making a considerable difference in regards to how much rainforest is lost every year. Through our efforts we have managed to protect 191.64 acres, locking up approximately 49826 tonnes of CO2 and protecting thousands of animals that call the rainforests home. While this is a great start, we hope to do even more throughout the coming years.