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TK Maxx Tour

In April 2013 TK Maxx toured the UK with its Silent Disco Store Experience taking in Leeds, London and Liverpool. Kicking off the Summer in Style, we invited our customers to bag a bargain and #DoYourThing!

TK Maxx Liverpool

The final stop of our Silent Disco tour stopped in Liverpool on Thursday 25th April 2013. This is the result...

TK Maxx London

On Wednesday 24th April 2013 our Silent Disco transformed our Charing Cross Store into a Shop and Bop 'till you drop destination! Check out this Video for a snapshot of what went down...

TK Maxx Leeds

On Thursday 18th April 2013 TK Maxx Leeds hosted a Silent Disco shopping extravaganza to showcase the latest looks for Spring/Summer 2013. This is a taste of what went down... #DoYourThing

Silent Conference

SilentArena example of how our Silent Conference systems work. Trade show stand with live speech and music with no external noise and no interference from other sound sources (such as a loud conference hall)

Scouting for Girls

Scouting for Girls talk about their recent silent concert for Absolute Radio powered by SilentArena. "Amazing, Really good Fun" - Roy Stride

Devon Dub Fest

SilentArena, Roland and DDF bring the tech and know-how to take the festival past its live music curfew with the bands and DJs all going through SilentArena headphones.

Sin City

SilentArena appear on the Evening post for the first in Sin City.

Reading Festival

Silent Disco by SilentArena at Reading and Leeds 2010, featuring Dented DJ, BBC´s Steve Lamacq & Bethan Elfyn, The Vinyl Vendettas and My Ex-Boyfriends Records.

Silent Disco by SilentArena

Silent Disco, Explanatory Video by SilentArena

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