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Silent Concerts

For a great many bands, performing live is a deeply opportunistic way to get noticed and to gain a foothold within the music industry. With this unconventional approach, a silent event can be the ideal way to keep an audience captivated. To begin with, using our headphones can deliver your music directly to your listeners with a greatly improved quality of sound - such as no audio bleed, feedback or other sound overlaps. Using our system also means there are no restrictions to performing in more unconventional spaces and venues, as the system is easy to set up in any location with a nearby power source.

A new experience

Instead of amplifiers, simply plug in your mixer into our transmitter and be heard easily by the crowd. With our full-time sound engineers on-hand, we can adapt our system to suit both your sound and any music venue, helping you deliver your immersive music experience.

In the past, SilentArena has worked with Scouting for Girls, Kilimanjaro, the Dolly Rockers, Roland, Boss, The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and Sony, providing staff and equipment to this new form of music entertainment. Through the use of our multi-channel system, we became the first to ever host a silent battle of the bands where two groups played on stage simultaneously, competing for the attention of the audience.

Get in touch

So if you're looking for an original way for your music to become recognised, contact us to begin planning your very own Silent Concert.

Photos - Scouting for Girls
SilentArena, Absolute Radio and Scouting for Girls team up to promote the new Smart car with a Sile...

SilentArena, Absolute Radio and Scouting for Girls team up to promote the new Smart car with a Silent Gig. Tucked away on the 4th floor of the bargehouse Scouting for Girls replace the usual large, heavy PA for SilentArena headphones.

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