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SilentArena Ltd was established with a simple purpose of taking the silent disco concept into other areas and developing new technology to create an unbeatable experience.

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We're the only silent disco company to design and build our own custom headphones and pride ourselves on being at the very forefront of wireless technology

Our team of sound engineers, DJ's and technicians at the company head office in Cardiff evolved the silent gig concept in 2007, with many other concepts like silent cinema and silent comedy following.

SilentArena is the largest silent disco provider in the world with a capacity in excess of 20,000 headphones. With franchise locations launching across the world our network capacity continues to grow month by month including offices in the United States, France, Italy and more. We believe passionately in a professional and truly unique service from the moment we answer the phone until we've packed the last headphone away.

SilentArena will continue to work tirelessly innovating and leading the silent industry! 2020 will be an exciting year, keep an eye on our news section for the details.

You can view all our Clients and our environment policies here.

SilentArena headquarters